Winter Madness

As the winter is coming to a close, I think it would be useful to look back and shed some light on some of the good things about winter.

Being cozy. Curling under a massive collection of blankets.

Warm Beverages. The feeling when hot coco makes its way down into the belly.

Summer blockbusters can be fun, but studios know when to bring out the big guns. Winter blockbusters. The big money makers are brought out around the solstice.

Even though the dreary darkness will still be hanging around a bit longer, take advantage of what it can bring.


Planning for the Spring

So I know its a bit far ahead here, but let me just say. I cannot wait to take days off in Spring. Last spring I felt slipped through my fingers. Now before you think I just sat on the couch and ate, which I may have. I want to mention I did head on up to Hansen creek for some gem hunting. It was a day trip I dont think I’ll even forget. So many fond memories. I was tired at the time, but I hussled up and down the steep soft dark soil digging up the dust colored crystals. The cyrstals seem to be in every corner and crook of the old trees. They also lay scattered on the ground like a wonderful day dream. It was more than magical. I hope to have another adventure this Spring!

Ocean exploration

If you have seen me recently I’ve probably pinned you to the wall and wanted to talk about coral reefs. Why you may ask? Well because of a Nature documentary I’ve watched recently all about the South Pacific. Call it winter madness, but the clear tropical water looked fantastic. I’ve always dreamed of snorkeling in ocean waters, creatures swimming around me. Exploring a new and alien world filled with ancient wild life. So many breath taking sites to see on this gorgeous planet.


A moment of silence

Just like many people living in the city, I live in a place that is loud, bright, and terribly distracting. I have a few little ticks I like to use to find my center. I find a quiet place and take a few slow measured breaths. Sometimes the best thing is to just get away from the all the chaos. Use your outlet. Everyone has one. Mine is writing, reading, taking a walk. With all the pulls of responsibility its easy to lose site of inner nurturing. Take every chance you can to decompress. Defiantly don’t wait until you leave work to finally let off all the steam that gets built up. You’ll feel so much better if you allow yourself to vent in increments through out the day. We all have responsibilities, just remember not to lose site of your own happiness.

What is Green zine?

The idea came to me while walking, like many of my best ideas. I was mulling over conversations where the subject fell upon our dream life. What it would be like, what it would look like. I envisioned a cottage surrounded by trees, a novel being fussed over as I took a walk in the forest to get the creative juices flowing again. This feeling, to be in a peaceful place. To be away from the hurried pressured lifestyle, blossomed into the concept for  Green Zine. Come in pull up a seat, I’ll get you a cup of tea.